Spring Capital -
quality seed investments
in the Baltics and Scandinavia.

Our mission is to support teams of driven and smart people
with promising ideas to change the world. Our resources,
specialists and partners are here to help our portfolio
companies grow and change.

Where we invest

We are looking at scalable businesses in their seed stage. 
Our focus is on technology driven ideas but we enjoy investing in other
scalable ventures as well. As we are located in Estonia then the companies
looking forward to our collaboration should be based in Baltics or Scandinavia.

We are looking to acquire minority shareholdings in exchange
for EUR 100K-300K equity investment.
Usually we finance in several prenegotiated tiers that are launched
as milestones are met.

Most importantly, we invest in teams. 
We prefer enterprises with multiple founders, every one representing a specific
skillset and together forming a strong team to tackle the challenges ahead.

Connecting things
& sensing the environment

Defendec’s proprietary communication and application platform is making the world smarter by changing the way enterprises use wireless sensor networks (WSN) to protect international borders and critical infrastructure and to maximize the energy efficiency of public utilities and municipalities.


E-paper for the billboard industry

Visitret Displays is developing an electronic paper material that enables the manufacturing of zero-power, outdoor-stable and video-capable displays with
paper-like readability. Our technology will transform outdoor message board and traffic sign industries by replacing static screens with electronic video displays.


A complete solution
for functional testing
of electronic devices

VTS is selling and developing fully automated testing solutions ideal
for the electronics industry.

Main benefits of the system are fast time of delivery, ease of adaptation, competitive price extremaly fast operation of the test itself.

For the customer this translates into reduced production cost
and increase in competitiveness.

Protective coating
with hi-tech polymers

Kaitsekate is a pioneer in developing products that utilize the protective properties of modern hi-tech polymers. The company is using and developing know-how to protect properties of industrial customers as well as develop new product ranges
of its own.

Hi-qualtity work-flow and photography

We wanted to see if modern management principles can benefit a highly creative environment. This is how Kliff & Klaus photostudio became a part of our portfolio. Being a hobby and testing ground for management techniques it is a lot of fun
and utility.


Banking without barriers

Monese is a branchless and digital banking service that offers instant account opening via their mobile app, regardless of the person’s residency. Primarily focused on helping migrants and expats in the UK, the startup will offer easy account opening, cheap global payments and a debit card. Monese's modern systems are based on secure cloud technologies and remove many of the barriers that legacy banking systems impose.



Let's meet!

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to invest in the Baltics and Scandinavia,
please do not hesitate to contact us.

We are located in Tallinn at:

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